Shreem Solar

Get Your Solar Project Report

We brought this excellent user friendly Solar Project Calculator for you at no cost. 

This is a best tool to understand all aspects of a solar power plant required for your site. 

These are two different Calculators based on system type you prefer for your Rooftop & the Garden i.e.

  • A fixed type installation reflects conventional non moving structures which are fixed for a predefined longitude & latitude, such installations can generate Avg. 1500 KWH/KWp Yearly.
  • An Advanced Sun Tracker Based installation is known as next generation of Solar Power Plant which turns automatically along with the Sun from morning to evening and from winter to summer, such advanced tracker based installations can generate Avg. 1950 KWH/KWp Yearly.

Make your own Solar Project Report in few simple steps

  • Be ready with your last one year electricity bills.
  • Fill your monthly electricity uses i.e. units consumed and total bill paid to DISCOM in the space provided.
  • Bill paid must be inclusive of all taxes and duties.
  • Select 1 if you are in Residential/Institutional/NGO category else keep it 0.
  • Yeh All done.
  • Get all complete details of your Solar Power Plant.

Fixed Type Installation (xlsx)


Advanced Solar Tracker (xlsx)


If you find above in line click here to show your interest for a free site visit & project proposal