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4530F Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer


AA4530F Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is fully controlled by PC and can be flexibly matched to a highly automated atomic absorption spectrophotometer for flame and graphite furnace atomizers. Unique optical mechanical design, safe and convenient flame system, advanced graphite furnace temperature control technology, optional buckle background technology, and various convenient functions provided by the workstation, to adapt to your pursuit of automated precision measurement results.

Advanced graphite furnace tempera- ture controlling technology

  • PID technology can overcome the influence on the temperature rising process.
  • 3ms/time fast sampling technique.
  • The fast heating capacity improve elements flexibility.
  • Three grades adjustable gas flow accustom to more application needs.


Safe,reliable and convenient flame system

  • EPC control the flow of Acetylene (C2H2) more accurately.
  • Efficient atomization system enables a higher sensitivity.
  • Fire safety system can alarm whenever the electricity is cut off, abnormal flame occurs, a lack of pressure happens or the burner does not match well.


Multi-functional software workstation

Workstation that is supported WINDOWS XP/2000/NT.

Various analytical correction methods provide the users more choices.

Flexible storage, editing and printing me thods give the user largest support.

Flexibly function selection:Flame
Graphite furnace atomizer
Optical design:Integrated floated optical platform
Eight light stands changed automatically
Intelligent adjustment:Height of the flame burner position adjusting
Automated wavelength scanning and peak searching
Self-absorption background regulation
Weight75kg(Main instrument) 
Size700mm×550mm×450mm(Main instrument) 
 550mm×450mm×300mm (Accessories)


AA4530F Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer has been widely used in various analytical fields, mainly in four aspects: theoretical research; elemental analysis; organic matter analysis; metal chemical morphological analysis. Also AA4530F are needed in manufacturing, agriculture, biochemistry, geology, metallurgy, food, environmental protection industry.