Shreem Solar

EDX8300 XRF Spectrometer


EDX8300 is a special product designed by ROHS, EN71 environmental directives.  Break the traditional instruments’ straight design, adopt the streamlined design in overall body, really fashionable and simple. Adopt Newest Si-pin detectors, Cooling by electric rather than liquid nitrogen, small size, accurate data analysis, and low sped in maintenance cost. 

High Accuracy Detector
*  Si-pin electric cooling semiconductor detectors
*  X-ray excitation device
*  High voltage transmit device
*  Muti-channel analyzer

Multiple Selection Function
*  Collimator automatically switch module
*  Light path filtering module
*  Filter automatically switch module
*  Automatically curve selected module

Excellent After-sales Service
*  Free training to customers
*  Lifelong maintenance
*  Provide free software upgrades

Measurable Elementelement S (sulfur) – element U (uranium),total 75 elements
Element Content2 PPM – 99.99%
Measurement Time100-300 Seconds
Energy Resolution149 ± 5 ev
X-ray Tube Maximum Output Current1mA
High Voltage Maximum Output Power50w(Voltage:5-50Kv Current:50-1000uA)
Sample Chamber Size610mm*320mm*100mm


 Suitable for ROHS, toy safety, electronics, ceramics and plastics, leather jewelry, environmental protection, food safety, plating thickness, metal alloy etc.