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JB-750 Optical Emission Spectrometer


JB-750 Optical Emission Spectrometer has high sensitivity which is up to 1ppm. he accuracy is very high especially the content range of elements is less than 0.1%. This test method is much higher than other methods. It can simultaneous multielement analysis. It can show the test results of dozens of elements under one time analysis. The operation is simple and show the test results within 60 seconds. The cost is very low. There is no consumption of expensive chemical reagents and special accessories. It also save argon gas. One bottle argon gas can test 2000 times. The operation of analysis software is also very easy.
The advantage of JB-750 Optical Emission Spectrometer: 
1. The instrument has the advantages of good accuracy, high accuracy, long term stability and leading technology. 
2. The delivery time is very short. Normally it’s within 10~15 days. If you are urgent, we can finish it within 7 days.
3. Manufacturing process and design is perfect.

Optical System: Main Optical Part include the standard grating is 2400line/mm. The sewing frame of 750mm Rowland circle focal length is very stable. The reentrant optical design makes optical structure more compact. The light window and entrance slit design which can be disassembled make maintenance and cleaning much easier. The exit slit adopts the whole process by German high precision machining center including all possible 120 channels analysis position which can satisfy various matrix and elements analysis. This design is convenient for add channels in future. Aluminum Alloy whole optical chamber and the heating temperature of special design ensure the long-term stability of the optical system. The argon flow chamber flushing ensure optical system clean, reduce the number of regular maintenance. According to the vacuum and non vacuum can be applied to different optical chamber.

Light Source: JB-750 Optical Emission Spectrometer adopts the solid free maintenance excitation sources. The analysis result is very stable. The single pulse spark detection technology and excitation frequency 100-1000HZ can read all the 1000 pulse spark channel analysis data.

Data Readout System: JB-750 Optical Emission Spectrometer adopts Jiebo S-1000 readout and control system. This system is successfully used in Jiebo products. S-1000 adopts the design of solid-state electronics which can be applied to various types of PC. Module design makes it easy for add channels. Meanwhile, the design can prevent electromagnetic interference and free of maintenance.

Software: Jiebo analysis software is suitable for any types of JB-750 optical emission spectrometer. This software system makes analysis work more efficient, the interface is simple, the analysis process is simple and clear, and the analysis data is reliable and accurate. Jiebo is continuously increase and upgrade the function of software, and supply free software upgrade during the use of this instrument. The software system is simple, but powerful, many analysis and calibration functions are automatic, prompt and guide the operator for the user has completed step by step. The spectrum of experience, the software provides the basis of calculation and parameter modify the settings, especially for edit curve fitting. The storage and flexible standardization of calibration data results in convenient and accurate analysis of the results to ensure that the analysis conforms to national standards.

1. Excitation Light Source:Supply Voltage:50Hz、220V±1%  Input Power:1.0KVA  Discharge Capacitor:Precombustion7.5μF,Exposure1.5μF  Peak Current:Precombustion120A,Exposure30A  The peak pressure of main loop:300VDC   Ignition Circuit :Pulse amplitude:+15KV Assist clearance:adopt the tunnel diode Discharge Frequency Digital Light Source 100Hz–1000Hz

2. Excitation Desk  Sample sets of gap:4mm   Argon filling rack:  without water cooling   Analysis time interval: generally less than 1 minute

3. Spectrometer  Analysis band range:160~450nm  Grating:750mmMachine engraved concave grating: Curvature radius of 750mm Characterization density:2400 line/mm Characterization Area:30×50mm2 Blaze wavelength (level 1):300nm Line dispersion:0.55nm/mm   The incident slit width:20μm   Exit slit width:50μm、75μm   Multiplier Tube: Diameter 28mm, 10 side window, fused silica or glass shell   Max channels: 24(can be extended to 48 channels) Spectrometer local constant temperature:38℃±0.2℃

4. Measuring Control System  Measurement and Control System: The single board computer measurement and control, data exchange with the Host Computer.  Measuring Methods: Piece wise  Integral capacitance:0.047μF reproducibility:RSD≤0.2%  Photomultiplier High Voltage Power: Voltage:-1000V Stability:Eight hours is better than 0.5% High pressure regulating: from -550V to -1000V change, 0-9 grades adjustment. High pressure settings: User can change it through computer software.

5. Others:  Maximum power 1000W, standby 300W 16A fuse Gas requirement: argon purity 99.995% Maximum oxygen content: 5ppm Ambient temperature requirement: 20-30 Vacuum: 2P-5P Host:L1130mm×W750mm×H920mm Net Weight:280Kg

Application Area:This apparatus is widely used in material analysis of various industries, such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metal, metallurgy, machinery, chemical equipment, quality inspection system and so on. It is also used in routine identification and analysis in metallic smelt industry. This apparatus can analyze various kinds of matrix, such as Fe, Co, Ni, Ti, Cu, Al, Pb, Mg, Zn and Sn.