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Solar Power Plant for Housing Societies

solar power plant

There is huge unused rooftop space found in every housing society in our country which can be easily converted into a massive Solar Farm which will save huge money in terms of their electricity bills in other words the annual electricity expenses of a housing society can be saved 100% through Solar Power Plant at the rooftop, in addition the system helps in reducing the carbon footprint to the great extent. Many Housing Societies are saving from 5 – 7 lakhs to 80 – 90 lakhs Rupees annually. 

Below are the benefits of Solar Power Plant in housing societies. 

Financial Benefits

  • Up to 90% Saving in Annual Electricity Expenses.
  • 30% CFA from MNRE on project benchmark cost. 
  • 31.2% of the total project cost is NET SAVING under AD benefits.
  • 30% saving on top floor air conditioning expenses.
  • Quick pay back in 3 to 4 years. 
  • We offer most advanced Sun tracking based solar power plant which gives you upto 40% return on your Investment which is far higher than any other investment options available in the market. 

Social Benefits

  • Societies having Solar Power Plant get Recognized well and certified for its social initiative. 
  • Having a Solar Power Plant on the Rooftop and at unused Land proves you are concerned about your Social Responsibilities and working sincerely to make a Clean & Green Nation.
  • Such societies are known to be prominent & trendsetter and preferred by the people.