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Solar Power Plant for Individual House/Flat Owners

solar power plant

The unused rooftop space of a house or an apartment can very easily be converted into a money making machine by installing advanced tracker based solar power plant which gives 35% more electricity production in almost same pricing than a fixed type installation.

Let’s see its various benefits to house/flat owners.   

Financial Benefits

  • Up to 90% Saving in Annual Electricity Expenses.
  • 30% CFA from MNRE on project benchmark cost. 
  • Up to 31.2% of the total project cost is NET SAVING under AD benefits.
  • 30% saving on top floor air conditioning expenses.
  • Quick Pay Back in 3 to 4 years.
  • We offer most advanced Sun tracking based solar power plant which gives you upto 40% return on your Investment which is far higher than any other investment options available in the market. 

Social Benefits

  • People having solar power plant at their rooftop are known to be more concerned about our environment and planet earth.
  • They are called a trendsetter and treated as one of the responsible personality in the society as they have set a value to make a healthy environment.
  • They get certified for their contribution into carbon footprint reduction. 

Solar Installation became more easier now

  • Group Net Metering In Group Net Metering arrangement, all  energy produced by a collectively owned solar PV System is fed into the grid, then the solar energy as fed is credited on pro-data basis into the electricity bill of each participating consumerThis is a best tool for builder floor properties having more than one flat owners with common roof space. This arrangement is widely used to recover their common expenses like common area electricity bills and other maintenance related expenses by enrolling into GBI scheme.
  • GBI Scheme (Generation Based Incentive) In this scheme consumers get paid for the excess electricity supplied into the Grid.
  • Virtual Net Metering In Virtual Net Metering arrangement the surplus solar energy generated is exported to the grid from a solar Power Plant at the location of Solar Power Plant and can be adjusted in any other electricity service connection of the consumer in the area of the same Discom.